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Art House La Crosse is a space to inspire creativity in adults and provide an inclusive space to explore the beauty of all forms of art!


Coming soon to the Northside of La Crosse, WI, our space will have a calm work lounge, adult dance classes, art workshops, live music events, art store, healthy foods and so much more! 

At the                                             you will find...

Calm Work Space

Join us at our work lounge during the day! Whether you work-from-home and need a "change of scenery" or you want a fresh space to spark your creativity, you are welcome!

Adult Dance Classes

I&E Dance Studio will continue to hold their weekly class schedule in the Art House space. They offer classes for beginners to advanced in a variety of styles!

Live Music & Special Events

We will be featuring live musicians on the weekends as well as a variety of special events including slam poetry, open mic, social dancing and more!

Community Art Supplies

Engage in creativity & art by grabbing some art supplies and crafts to utilize in our space thanks to the donations from members of the community. 

Community Games & Books

Engage in fun with others by grabbing a game or get lost in a good book! Whatever vibe you are feeling, we have something for you!

Art Workshops

Want to learn how to do certain mediums of art? We will be featuring workshops from local artisans so that you can learn from the experts! 

Healthy Foods &
NA Beverages

We are excited to offer more healthy food options on the Northside of La Crosse, featuring fresh salads, sandwiches, juices, coffee and more!

Art Store

Purchase art made by local artisans, as well as a variety of "learn how-to" crafts and other items that will surely spark your creativity!

Social Dancing

Don't want to stay up until midnight for the dancing to begin? Join us for themed dance nights including salsa, swing, edm, hip hop and more!


We would LOVE your help!

five ways to support

  1. Physically help us move everything from I&E Dance Studio to the new space! (August 26th-30th during the day) If you are skilled at painting, flooring or have a truck let us know.

  2. Donate art/craft supplies! We will have a community art cabinet where anyone in our space can use art materials as they hang out in the Art House. Have some laying around your house you don't plan to use? Bring them to the studio during our open dance class hours and we will have a tote you can drop them into.

  3. Donate games! We will have a community game shelf too! If you have any games you don't want, bring them to the studio during our open dance class hours and we will have a tote you can drop them into.

  4. Donate books! We already have our own "little free library" in our space and it is in need of some more books :)

  5. Donate money! We are a for-profit business ran by Michelle Malone, but all funds will be used to go directly to improving this location so that we can offer this new and creative hub for the community. Funds will be used for: Dance & Art Scholarships, Fridge, Food & Live Music Licenses, New Flooring, Mirrors, Tables & Chairs, Paint and more! Donate here!

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