Meet the Company! Time for a little Q&A...

Let's get to know Artistic Director & Founder, Michelle Malone (pictured above), a little bit more! Hear about her dance background and WHY she started I&E Dance Company below...

Q: How long have you been dancing & how did you start?

A: "I started dancing around 5th or 6th grade in a free dance class at a local dance studio, Misty's Dance Unlimited. I tried everything as a kid... sports, gymnastics, cooking, etc. But dance is the one that stuck!

Q: When did you know dance was your thing?

A: "I auditioned for the competitive performing group at my studio in 8th grade and once I entered high school I knew dance was what I was dedicating my time and energy to. I loved it! I was closer to my dance studio friends than my high school friends. They were (and still are) like family

Q: What did you pursue after high school?

A: "I decided to take a non-conventional route instead of going to college right away. I chose to attend multiple different training programs with professional dance companies. I trained with Storling Dance Theatre in Kansas, Ingredients Dance Company in Texas and GX Brazil in Brazil... duh haha"

Q: Why did you start I&E Dance Company?

A: "When I moved back to La Crosse, WI to teach full time at the studio I grew up at, there wasn't anywhere for me to take classes and get re-fueled. I wanted to create that space for local dance teachers and professional level dancers. The Coulee Region is also very fond of the arts and there wasn't professional dance performance happening! I felt it would be a great addition to the arts community here."

Q: What is the future looking like for the I&E?

A: "I am so excited for everything we have planned! This summer we are holding our very first dance intensive as well as an "Evening of Arts" event to benefit a local non-profit. The future plans are to continue to host more intensives, arts events, auditions and launch a full time trainee program for dancers 18 and up in fall of 2022!"

We are so excited about what we have planned and we hope to see you at one of our events this summer or in the near future <3

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