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1. Our studio mission is to find community, be empowered and have fun! We ask that you join us in this mission by being kind, inclusive, encouraging and friendly!

2. Don't judge yourself! There are mirrors to help you learn and help the teachers assess where the class is at in their learning, but don't you dare start judging yourself! You are here to have fun and learn dance. Enjoy the journey!

3. No shoes that are wet or dirty will be allowed on the dance floor. Please bring a clean pair of shoes in a backpack that you plan to use for dancing!

4. No vaping or smoking anywhere in the building. This will set off the fire alarms. If you do this you could be fined, starting at $200.

5. Pre-registration for class is required as we have a limited capacity for each class. 

6. Classes will be canceled 1 hour prior to class if NO ONE has registered. 

7. Always check-in with the front desk when you arrive. 

If you would like to discuss anything in these guidelines, please contact Michelle at

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